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Da Life and Times of Jonathan M [entries|friends|calendar]

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I will never understand this society, never [02 Nov 2004|09:05pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

All I can do is shake my head. We are spending money on oil and fighting for oil, The economy is bad, I have no job. I hope they stop the recruiting and some people still continue to support him...Bush...I gotta give him props for capturing saddam but damn the war in Iraq is meaningless, whats the purpose of that BS?

Mosh, put Bush in a uniform and make him fight his own war besides

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smile 4 me [03 Oct 2004|11:58am]
[ mood | determined ]

My pops said that I should talk to Jesse because he is failing everything except gym
my consuelor told me that I need to bring up my gpa cuz 2.4 ain't good enuff. I'm a try to do that this year even though 11th grade is the hardest. I need to dedicate my time to more studying.

The work load is gettin heavy sooo...


1) A and its a honors class :)
2) A or B cuz I've been lazy kinda + theres to many distractions in that class
3) A
4) ? I've been doing my work and gettin bonus points
5) B or C...I gave up on that quiz friday
6) A
7) B or C, I had a D but I think I did really good on that unit test Friday...I'm 2 weeks ahead of that class anywayz

I'm outy
1 Luv

No more updates for me but I'll also comment sometimes when I'm away

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Momma raised a hellrazor [30 Sep 2004|02:43pm]
Yesterday was the good shit & now today is the curse, the bad shit.

The highlight of the day for me was in gym class when I was I felt the range again & I j'd the hell out of this one youngin who talks soooo much shit and swears he is the best. He jumped in my face, I shot it and all you could hear was swoosh.

Chapter 2:

The Curse

Remember my aunt? the one with breast cancer? I got word yesterday that she has been in the hospital since Tuesday. She has a high fever and some infection. She keeps crying and sayin those words I never ever wanna hear a family member or friend say "I'm going to die". I'm scared now, My pops is looking for a storage place for my aunt's things. Shit is scary, She had a daughter who died decades ago but luckily her daughter had a daughter and my aunt is a grandmother. Now I'm really scared even though I used to make fun of her before she was sick. Me and Momma were about to get into a fight over sumthin stupid. I wanted to use the car but she said no and I started catching an attitude with her.

Why do motherfuckas stay swearing they know me. I mugged the shit out of this spanish dude cuz he stepped on my 8s a few weeks ago. Today he was starin at me as he passed, I was staring back and he's like wassup to me and I was silent and made one of those what the fuck you want faces. I was depressed all day long because of the shit thats happening. I'm hoping that she does not die. If she did that would restore the peace wit my family and family B cuz we are cool wit family A(family A & B hate each other). We are beefing with family B but the parents are acting weird, as if they don't know each other anymore.

EDIT 5:55pm

so yeah the girl I've been talkin to for a while calls and Jesse picks up talkin to her sayin bamma shit. Yesterday he hung up on her and last week he did too. I promise you I'm a raise hell. Thats why I hate the house fone sooo much. I'm a raise hell, I'm a just walk up to him and swing a right to his stomach because I'm mean like that.
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A lot of shit been happening within the past 48 hrs [29 Sep 2004|10:20pm]
[ mood | confused ]

I don't wanna talk bout the bad shit thats been going on, I will though 2morrow. Today is the Gift!

Me and this girl have been talkin forever. She calls me everyday and we talk as if we are together & shit. This is the same girl that I've had fone sex with a few times & she's a BISEXUAL but that shit doesn't bother me. She told me that she just broke up wit her girlfriend, she even used to put her gf on hold just so she could talk to me. I think she is feelin me because a lot of people say I have an attractive personality. She told me about how these other girls are tryna get her and how these other niggaz are tryna get her. She said "hurry up, u betta get me". I should right? I've been searchin and searchin 4eva. I've been single for 2 summers now, 2 years of loneliness. The question that pops up in my head sometimes is "do you really wanna be in a relationship?" I really cannot answer that tough ass question even if it was a billion dollar question. I can't decide. I'm used to living that single life, flirtin, meetin a new girl everyday and shit but then again I am tired of being lonely & I'm tired of the rude/fake ass girls, some who even play hard to get. They got me at the bottom of the deck searching for my Ace, I don't even know if I should be her "man/nigga". She's cool, I'm feelin her, she a lil freaky and shit but she cool. I have never been in Love before, well I have but not real love. My last relationship was a short ass 2 months, cuz we didn't talk anymore, well she couldn't. I'm not only searching for Love, I'm also searching for Real Love.

I wonder whats it like? she is 4eva askin me that question "when are you gonna skip school, so I could come ova?" I don't know. She wanted me as her date to her homecoming but I'd have no ride back. I'm sorry I'm just confused, I don't know what I want right now. I don't even know what cards I should play. Shes givin me an opportunity too.

Somebody holla back at me

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[22 Sep 2004|04:50am]
[ mood | curious ]

is the cookout a good movie?
Is mr. 3000 better?

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Ghetto People its time to ride [14 Sep 2004|05:30am]
Momma is lettin me stay home friday cuz I gotta go get my license
so dats wednesday night...illusions(gotta check my cash flow)
Thursday - no school
Friday - sleep in

Damn they already got songs from Talib's new album thats droppin in 2 weeks I think
I can't find streets disciple cuz all they have is "NEW NAS" and then they drop bombs, I hate dat shit.
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You got nuffin but luv 4 me even when I say negative shit bout u on lj [06 Sep 2004|08:36pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

New song on my bp page is 2pac & Outlawz - There U Go

Alicia told me that she got a friend on here who is on my lj list and when I find you I'll "-cut you-" sike naw but she knows what I say on here. I must admit I've been acting kinda strange lately, I've been lookin for HOES/ROLLAS on bp and I have 10 pages full of notes. 75% of em talkin about sex. When Alicia got raped all I could say is "sorry but when can we chill/have sex?" smh what kinda friend am I?. As the days go by I'm slowly turning into a Hoe. I know a lot of girls hate it when niggaz only talk to you just to fuck. Thats exactly what I tried doing last year when I met Alicia & she knows that. We don't talk about a lot of things though like we used to. Just sex and more sex and sex did I mention sex? I'm starting to believe that I was fake wit her. I'm out

AppleBottom00 (8:34:59 PM): johnny i still got love for you tho
Auto Response From infamousgangsta7 (8:34:59 PM): Hi AppleBottom00, I'm unavailable at the moment
AppleBottom00 (8:35:02 PM): I always will
AppleBottom00 (8:35:10 PM): well im gonna eat then we talk some more
AppleBottom00 (8:35:11 PM): bye

I'm not here on a 1 nite stand. I'm here 2 stay by u 4eva.

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but wat if i die 2nite? [03 Sep 2004|04:50am]
[ mood | angry ]

A coward dies a thousand deaths
A soldier dies but once

Ok heres a short story. Steph the dude who robbed me passed by my cuzin, Alex's house on Tuesday. My cuzin called me up and was like "the boy who robbed u is coming by your way" me and my cuzin live close. I really wanted to go up der and kick some ass but I had a lot of book work to do so maybe another time. Steph stopped by this youngin who lives up the street from me named Modou. According to what some people said "Modou was a snitch and called the feds on steph cuz he was stealing bikes". But some people were like he didn't call the cops. So he came into Modou's house and started beating him up wit his belt. Then he tries to stab Modou but luckily E was there so E held Steph and told Modou to steal him. Modou was like "NAW dats my man, I can't do it" I was like wtf this nigga tried to kill you and now you're sayin he's ya man?

Alex told me that Steph is using my shoes as his brakes for his bike wtf I was like oh hellz no

Back to me...So I'm going up there 2morrow for a few cuz I also gotta go to a football game. I'm try to see that nigga one on one. Just in case he tries to pull something stupid I'll bring a screw driver and 2 knives. I was thinkin of carrying dat baseball bat on me but that would make it too hot.


Everybody was tellin me how nice I looked/fresh I looked. I havent even pulled out the shit I bought last week. I just wore a button up I bought last school year even though I never wore it. Obed & his friend put me on wit this freshmen I'm tryna be cool wit her thats all. She was like she don't know yet cuz a lot of niggaz are tryna talk to her. She couldn't deny Jay on a fresh day lol even though she dislikes dark skin boys i o no y. Obed & his friend kept tellin me that I gotta come at her real real nice cuz shes rude and all<----- that aint my type. Oh yea I'm talkin about tha girl almost everybody says got HIV lol I won't touch her.
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get up get up get up [30 Aug 2004|04:44am]
[ mood | awake ]

1) I shall work hard
2) I shall do less flirting(I flirted a lil 2 much last yr, dats y my gpa was low)
3) I shall stay away from da comp
4) I shall not rap in class no more
5) I shall not get high
6) I shall not sleep in class
7) I shall not be the class clown
8) I shall stay away from the bad crowd
9) I shall not give rides when I drive :)
10) I shall not let booty intervene in my education

Its time for me to come up!

damn I couldn't sleep last nite but I'm up
I prolly won't be on that much, I'll try to comment though
but I prolly won't update dat much
I'm out! I'll update later. Martin is comin on in a few mins, damn last time I saw that shit was the last day of school. I also gotta get ready for the "damn Jonny I heard you got robbed" and the joans cuz I got a lil darker ;)

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ahem [24 Aug 2004|10:00pm]

...pointless entry you can read it of you wantCollapse )

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[30 Jul 2004|04:01pm]
whos the female singer who sings on some remix of terror squad's lean back?

I drove up to Olney
lol @ sandra's school it looks like a middle school kinda
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Will I survive all the fights and the darkness? [29 Jul 2004|08:30am]
damn day 2 of driving I think 2morrow he's gonna put me on the beltway and shit
oh yea I passed the test last night in driver's ed I am so happy cuz b4 that I failed 2 str8. Well I'm a go dig up my book of rhymes and rewrite this song I wrote a few years back over this song's instrumental
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[23 Jul 2004|09:12pm]
My entries are locked up and I won't let dem out!
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OOOOKKKAAY I'M REEELOADED [22 Jul 2004|11:53pm]
[ mood | jealous ]

damn don't chu hate it when your little brother or sister is taller than you?

Jesse(2 yrs younger than me) is like a lil below 6 feet(prolly 5'9, 5'10) and I'm still the same ol 5'7 and a half and I was the one growin quick I was 5'5 by the time I reached middle school, but I guess this whole height thing is a curse in my family. On my mother's side I have 2 uncles. The older one was growin quick and the result was that the younger reached 6 feet while the older one is at 5'10(doctor said I might be 5'10). The towers are on my mom's side and on my pops side everybody is short or just average height. I feel embarrassed sometimes when they tell me to stand next to Jesse to see who is taller and now Jesse just laughs at me whenever he sees me drinkin milk. My pops is 5'8 and Jesse is taller than him. I can see my other lil brother passin me in a few more years. But remember dis he's conceited I'm not, I got bread and a style and he don't, he breaks a lot of girl's hurts/plays dem but I dont I'm known as the ladies man around my way sometimes, he's taller and I'm short. Damn the pool party is 2morrow but I'm a be in muthafreakin(got it from BET) driver's ed ain't life a bytch.

But yea ummm I'm about 2 go comment

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All I want is u...All I waannnttt [22 Jul 2004|10:19am]
[ mood | good ]

I just bought some gym shoes off ebay(Jumpman Trifecta for $30). I paid but the dude hasn't been responding to my email and if I find this nigga in the streets I'm a give him a serious ass kickin and take his car! lol

Damn I miss talkin 2 Brittany...she's been away forever! when I start drivin the 1st place I'm drivin to is Brittany's house(lol) and she said she wants me too sooo badly. Our conversations are R rated sometimes not sometimes but most of the time dirty/freaky words and I'm still tryna get to know her cuz I already know her freaky side

brittany smokes weed but if you're real close to dem like a best friend/bf/gf I believe theres change so I'm not gonna listen to the people who said X her OUT now!

damn Nicole Richie she hella fine, I watch simple life 2 because she's on there fuck paris

I had an ex named brittany
I messed wit this girl who was fake named brittney
I have a friend named brittany
I'm attracted to all brittanys lmao

lol her cuzin even knows my name she said that brittany told her who I was

I dont even know why the fuck I'm online cuz bighed brittany is gonna IM me in a few

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I'm tryin girls out...just tryin girls out, til I find the 1 for me [21 Jul 2004|11:07pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

for the past 3 days me and Bruce were going on bp more than 3 times a day lookin at pages and tryna holla </i>yea I kno we have no life, but wat else is there to do?</i>. I've been experimenting with a lot of dem bp girls and they have interest in me but I'm not interested in them well theres girl I am interested in a lil bit. Her name is Brittany but I call her bighed brittany cuz she a cutie wit a big head. She's tryna mess wit me but I know my boundary lines, Bruce told me that she stay sweatin the shit out him and he said "get that joint" but naw not me. I talked to Brittany and bighed Brittany today, well not brittany but her cuzin. She told me that she's in Puerto Rico for a month cuz I thought that everytime I called she was carryin the shit out of me so her phone is on off. Brittany is the only girl I'm feelin right now at the moment
I'll comment 2morrow cuz my lil brotha is usin it Oh yea me and Jesse finally played 2gether as a team 2day and we won 3 str8 so we up 3 games to 2

"til I find the one for me" :)

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[20 Jul 2004|09:48pm]
[ mood | determined ]

damn my shot is gone now :(
I was ballin today but me and Jesse can never play together. We're like shaq(me) and kobe(him) and he shoots to much and forces up a lot of shots and he always wants the ball. We had somebody else good on our team but he fucked up his knee in the beginning so me and Jesse had to step up which I did but Jesse didn't. The rooting from the sideline "Jonny" gave me determination, basically I was playin my best. I swear it was like God gave me wings everytime I stepped on the court, I was just flyin through 2 people grabbing rebounds and shit. Joint was amazing lol ok lemme stop now I dont want this entry to be about sports.

I'm about 2 write again. That last entry was a verse I wrote 3 months ago and I've improved a lot since then and I am still improving lyricwise and courtwise. Oh yea I heard TI and Lil Flip was beefin well I've been knowing but I didn't pay attention to it that much cuz its dirty south music(cant stand dem cept for luda, face and outkast). I got lil Flip murderin that TI 83+ lol

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I aint even gonna talk about my past and shit... [20 Jul 2004|10:09am]
[ mood | calm ]

Is there peace in heaven because theres none on earth
war in the streets its called poverty, this place is cursed
and it is even worse, children dying in there teen years
caused by car accidents and guns, but I show no fears
because I was thinkin about comitting suicide one time
but since I came up and started developing my rhymes
I do not want to get wasted, by some fake gangsta's nine
I want to live in an environment, where I'll be able to shine
far from these streets because death is my last request
plus I got too many hatas plus my fam got me stressed
but somehow I feel blessed because I got a lot of topics
to write about n' you can say my life is a bit microscopic
its too small to be seen, tha organism in me is not clean
my personality is divided by 2, I am good and also mean
where do motherfuckers like me go to heaven or to hell
all I know is dat bad muthafuckas spend time in jail cells
where can I go?

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cough* BITCH! [20 Jul 2004|12:25am]
[ mood | shocked ]

InfamousJ06 (12:28:10 AM): I'm a get rejected anyway cuz of my skin complexion

damn rejected by 3 girls within the past 3 hours
girl # 1 was playin hard 2 get
girl # 2 really dont kno but I started talkin 2 her again but she carried me
girl # 3 doesnt like dark niggaz it said it as a dislike on her page

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Yes its on... [19 Jul 2004|09:22pm]
I went to class a little early so I decided to go up to Derrick's neighborhood which was close by. We kinda cool now before we were real cool den when the school year was coming to an end he was 4ever talkin about my cousin's ass and I "informed" her and he got mad so we saw each other as 2 distant strangers but we kinda cool now. I told him that I'm talkin to that girl he was supposed to introduce me to a while back but 4got.

We got an african teacher who teaches at driver's ed. HE IS SOOOO FUNNY like I dont understand what he be sayin sometimes but its all good. His african laugh will leave u dyin. Theres this girl who's gonna be a senior who was lookin my way sometimes, she pretty but she kinda skinny but its all good. I haven't fried anybody in a long ass time and it looks like the teacher has pushed me to the edge. He joked on me a few times I let it slide but damn he got me wit the name "african boy" so yea I'm a have to fry the hell out of him and get to know people also...hopefully. I was just chillin today


"I told him that I'm talkin to that girl he was supposed to introduce me to "
damn she plays hard 2 get
I hate it when yall females play dat!
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